Two Christians’ Dialogue and Reflections With a Heathen

A couple of faith enlightened friends commented on my last posting; in which, I solicited a descriptive verification of the sacrosanct voice of the divine crafter of the universe. They basically inadvertently confirmed my cursory purview, that to pin down a definitive consecrated intonation, “the vocalization” of the Supreme Being, toga donning, hirsute hoary locks and beard flowing is, as elusive as the proof provided by the faith promulgaters that the grand choreographer of billions of galaxies,  even exist—but, whom am I to judge.  

Science and Religions have had a long historical antagonistic rapport; where religions are entombed in their intransigent dogma, precluding any modernity updated critiques to thier antiquated, dinosaurian dusted ecclesiastical conicals –vs– the neck-breaking progress of Science of critical thinking, where facts are accumulated, Dagwood sandwich-like with layerings of condiments and produces; which, are stratified stackings of symbolic eurekas elucidating evidence of the natural world rebuking the “God did it” “ole”slippers” fitting comfortable answer.

My first rarefied friend tried to sympathetically reinsure me with the consoling warm emotive swath, that in spite of my misguided science, he inferred, “preconceptions”, you know, that empirical method that wrings out evedinece from the natural world’s moist nooks and crannies of obdurate facts, that “God loves me.” Naturally, the appropriate response of comity is, thank you, but, then, there is those obstinate facts that tarnish such gracious benevolent gestures of alms. I’m mystified by the idea that intelligent, 21st century sentient beings who would without scrutiny, blinded by faith, subscribe to ancient texts; roughly five thousands years old, Old Testament dicpicting a grumpy ole’ ominescient, omnipotent diety, who is, it appears, in a perpetual bad mood and demonstrates his displeasures and disappointments of his miraculous creation of man and woman with merciless retributions: eviction from the Garden of Eden; floodocide, the extrimination of all living creatures, save Noah, fam, and a selected rep of animals; genocides of cultures, Caannites comes to mind; stories of murdering of children for making fun of a bald man, specifically, Elisha in 2 Kings 2:23-25, complicit condoning of the abhorrent practice of slavery which was enthusiastically encourage in Exodus 21:2-6, Leviticus 25:39-55, and Deuteronomy 15:12-18….Then, there is the two thousand year old, New Testament, in which the allegorical scripture suggest that the son of God, Jesus, the Man-God traipsed, donning a toga and sandals, on this watery planet from Bethlehem to Nazareth, Jerusalem to the Sea of Galilee, where, he incidentally, did his miraculous walking on water two step, continuing with wet feet he saunters from Capernaum to Jericho…and his final tour, wrapping it up, meanders through Dolorosa to Calvary where he was crucified, supposably to absolve man/woman of their sins, yet, we still sin? Now, an omninescent God would be privy to this fine detail, still, God the Father, who is, at the same time Jesus?, complicit in his son’s/himself crucification…yet, we still sin? If you, the omninescent, all knowing, knew this was a futile endeavor, why put your son/yourself through this grueling, cruel death? Hmmm, life is precious? This surly confounds me? Then, there is this inexplicably chauvinistic troglodyte mindset that is seeded in the old Testament and seagues into the New Testament of women debasement and oppression, which is befuddling, because any cursory perusal unequivocally evinces that the double XX chromosome is the wiser of the genders. You gotta love Genesis, the nascency of all; to include, misogamy, where in Genesis 3:16 foments patriarchy, male chauvinism, gender inequality, and a blind-eye tolerance of violence against women by men: “will make childbearing unbearably difficult for the woman, and shall make her desires contrary to her husband’s who shall rule over her”…woman was made from spare anatomical male parts, suggesting an after thought on God’s part; not one for planning, I presume, yet he can whip-up an universe? This egregious depravation of patriarchy and submission is promulgated by reams of scripture: 1 Timothy 2:12, Ephesians 5:22-33, Colossians 3:18, etc, etc…where was Jesus, granted, he apparently had a kinder disposition than his former grumpy Old Testament self, but no out cry of indignation on women rights, or slavery, and then there is science…a vacuum, a void….I could continue with countless accounts of antiquated ancient culture norms condone by the Abrahamic God, but that is what they are: archaic, not applicable to the 21st century, which brings me to the incongruency of an all loving God: I beseech you to take a 360 worldwide gander: War, Pestilence, Bigotry, Racism…then, there is that ominous threat of perpetual condemnation to the fiery four star hotel of perdition. Love? I suggest your yahweh has a strange sense of humor, but thank you for thinking of me.

My other pious friend shared with me a family member, consumed in the horrific futile battle with cancer, who’s experienced perception of the Omnipotent’s voice was like, “peaceful and so amazing”. I hope, I never have to sit by the bedside with a family member who’s life is being winked-out by mutants of prolific cell division metastasizing like weeds in a vacant lot. This thought, sends apprehensive shudders down my spine; grimacing with hopeless trepidation of no ameliorative strategy to offer my love one. I bow my head in sorrow and respect and offer my humblest of sincere condolences: Sorry……………. But, I beg your patience, when I ask, how do you reason through the deduced conclusion that the Omnipotent is also, the author of the pestilence cancer. Other friends, who have reverent, veneration inclinations of something is bigger than us, is out there watching, maybe intervening have intimated that this “entity”, obviously my word, imposes tribulations that we can handle, to  teach, or direct a life path. I would suggest terminal cancer is to weighty of a challenge and its didactic application spills over to an interperptative cruelty. My tendentious impression…Now, if the family member in their dwindling precious time on the planet, said, ” I heard God, by goodness, they heard God, if they heard ducks, ducks it is—whatever they want, but again, with your permission, I would like to suggest another interpretation of your family’ member’s rendition of God’s voice; knowing your adroit skills as a nurse, would it be possible that the family member was feeling the assuaging narcotic: just a clinician’s thought.   

To insure there is no misundersanding, let me be pellucid; life is a minefield of tribulations and whatever gets you to the end of the day with a smile on your face, a metaphoric song in your heart, and a skip in your gait, “grab it” and if its God, well, not my choice, but whom am I to judge: Mathew 7:1-5, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged” …….and, as my above ecumenical friends would intimate in departure: “have a blessed day”…………….thank you for reading….