Zygote Personhood is an Embryonic Ersatz

The Supreme Court’s hypocenter decision in 1973 on Roe v. Wade has been the epicenter of political tsunamis with the deluging dour consequences of women’s rights and dialogues of reasoning morbidities. The evangelical’s political and religious denouncement of the Court’s decision to empower women rights of choice, conferred to the moral police a faux legitimate suspension of Christian ethics, which rationalizes the hypocritical, “the end justifies the means” strategy of duplicity and prevarication. The purported corroborative references inciting condemnation from the virtue protagonist are the Bible and allege conversations with their God. One is falsifiable, the other, not so much. Within the framing of the Enlightenment, the Age of Reason (1650-1700) with their prescient philosophers: Voltaire, Diderot, Spinoza, Locke, and Jefferson who extricated divine intervention as a tenable explanation for natural-world’s phenomena of cause and effect, and so too, I will honed my arguments. Basically, first, I will disqualify the non-falsifiable God conversation; and then, exercise an exegesis of pertinent scripture that would suggest their deity’s intent regarding ensoulment and preferential considerations between mother v. zygote/embryo/fetus: the trinity of the uterus. I will conclude with a scientific– biology solution to the abortion issue by reframing the question from life to humanism: when does humanism start?

Abortion Debate: Refuting the Biblical Authority

The first stubborn fact is the word abortion does not reside in the sacrosanct tome of the bible: The sublime spiritual regal trinity, God the Father, Son, aka Jesus and the Holy Spirit are mute on the topic. One would assume that the collective omniscient/s, the purported creator/s of the universe, could muster up enough etymological omnipotence to conger The Word, abortion. The term has been mud-mired and stained in the swamp of legalese and religiosity creating a perceived odious monster, evoking recoiling gestures of eyes averting, nose pinching loathing and subsequent mind numbing, faith embracing, and ignorance of its implicit opprobrium. It’s indispensable that terms of a subject debate be clearly defined to preclude nebulous semantics and tortuous exaggerated interpretations: There are two types of abortions to be delineated. Spontaneous Abortions/miscarriage: a termination of pregnancy before viability that occurs naturally without medical intervention.
Therapeutic abortion: a termination of pregnancy via the intervention of a physician through surgery or the use of RU-486 or some other medication.

Chronicling The Legend Of Jackson Wood: Year One

Precociously “taking the initiative”, JW arrived early, and continues to engage. Like all legends, there are surreal shadowy myths weaved into the perfunctory, blurring veracity—and, as Dave, my son in-law has counseled, truth shouldn’t obstruct a good story; and so, the saga of JW begins. There is a hint of a parallel with Rudyard Kipling’s… Continue reading Chronicling The Legend Of Jackson Wood: Year One