MACHIAVELLI by Miles J Unger

Miles Unger new bio on Machiavelli, whose name is an eponym for the political stratagem on how to acquire and retain power without compunction to scruples or conscience, paints Niccolo Machiavelli aesthetically with broad strokes as the father of political science; diplomat, with an astute appreciation of human nature–a predecessor of Freud, if you will–and… Continue reading MACHIAVELLI by Miles J Unger

The Hemlock Cup

Bettany Hughes a historian of considerable acclaim, who has presented multiple documentaries for BBC, PBS, the Discovery Channel, the History Channel and National Geographic—whose academic home base Oxford University, where she received a degree in ancient and medieval history has written an excellent bio on Socrates. Socrates, a 25 century icon personality (fifth-century BC), whose… Continue reading The Hemlock Cup