Carassius Pond is no Walden—but..


In my backyard is a Pond. Gold Fish inhabit it—along with— other transient interlopers. This pond has been exposed to many cycles of the four seasons and its age is affirmed by the lush bulbous outcroppings of sphagnum moss on the once, naked rocks. There are two waterfalls that feed into the shallow pond; the large, with a shower head velocity and the smaller, a trickling languidness. The boundary’s of the pool are fortified in irregularly shaped rocks with starring crevices, as if, multiple eyes of a crowd were glaring, individualized by weather coiffed epiphytes.   The confrontation to serenity by the rambunctious rambling currents of manifold waterfalls is contravened by the statuesque pose of near dormant teleost spied as apparitions with blurred silhouettes under a thinly veiled iced pond.

Contrasting the morphometrics of Walden with Carassius: a quote from the classic Walden where Thoreau stipulated in the chapter Ponds, that Walden Pond was…”a clear and deep green well, half a mile long and a mile and three-quarters in circumferences, and contained about sixty-one-a half acres…” and, the depth was quantified in chapter Pond in the Winter, in which, in an effort by ole’ Henry’s  to demystify that the pond was bottomless, too the grandiose surreal embellishment that it’s depth extended through the core of the planet to the other side, the destination, your guess it, the exotic realms of the orient, he took a cod-line and stone weighing about a pound and a half and dropped it through a pre-cut hole in the ice. “The greatest depth was exactly one hundred and two feet…”

The Carassius Pond in comparative size to Walden is likened to a putt putt golf course to an authentic golf course; wherein, The Carassius Pond is a measurement in the prime numbers, saving the depth: L 13′ W 11′ D 4′—acres v a stamp size backyard.

The commonality of Walden and Carassius is, it is a site to observe nature and to pontificate; discerning between correlation and causation…hmmm, I just thought of something…