Did Trump Punk the Populous with a Promise of Change?

The good ole’ boys, the rural white working class **this is not, in any way to dismiss the onus of responsibility of a Trump election from the urban rust belt persuasion, it’s just, my experience of the city dwellers, sports bar lounge lizards are limited, to non-existence, which realigns my focus with the country bumpkin crowd—you know, the one’s that work their frigging ass off, drive trucks and are packin’— apparently think— government’s largess spending is channeled “exclusively”, to hear some talk, to the less deserving that are bitterly labeled as indolent, unemployed parasites, and those people of color. I’m almost sure Breibart News could reference a slithering source by toppling a rock releasing the denizens of muck, the ignominious troll, the dreg agent that would with glee cyber trigger countless bot apps with a startling regenerative capacity conferring that maybe, an inherent preponderance of melanocytes might predisposition individuals to turpitude and torpidity. Am I inferring racism/bigotry, hmmmmm with an uncomfortable pensiveness, reticent a contrite embarrassing yes. Fifty-three years have passed since Lyndon B Johnson signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act to our first black president Barack Obama, and still, the taint of intolerance obstinately lingers.

Let me be clear, I’m one of those good ole’ boys; my commonality is, being part of the herd of the white middle class who work for a livin’ with smudges of black dirt under the finger nails and drive a big red truck. Yet, unlike my brethren truckers, I’m immensely appreciative of Government Programs that assist us, unbeknownst to them—it appears—and to the less fortunate. Anchored economically in the middle class bracket with limited resources and a penchant toward liberal tendentiousness of the golden rules: due onto others as you wish them to unto you— and— you are your brothers keeper, my pittance of a contribution in taxes with the collective citizenship can/does expand health insurance subsidies for the penury; invest in the expansive range and scope of the education system [in all districts] for the public and state schools that included Pell grants, market adjusted salaries for teachers, and infrastructure, etc.… which benefits and transcends all economic classes; continuing with some of the many, of the other so called “non-defense discretionary spending” includes rental vouchers for low income families, programs to fight homelessness, job training (think veterans), Head Start for young children; the list can continue with also, culture enhancing subsidies for museums, libraries, and parks…point being, this indulgence in judgeeeness’ a perception that the next door neighbor or the family across the tracks are livin’ a little too high on the hog with subsidies, above there means, if you will, evokes this gnawing, retching visceral animus [I only assume] that government spending is bad, even if the programs benefit them—and so—anything that smells of the government should be condemned and obliterated. Well, how should I put this askance misperception obliquely, all the hell with it, it does not economically behoove them and can easily be interpreted as self-immolating.

The other issue that confounds me to distraction is, why anyone would spit/cast dispersions on an organization/s, government agencies, that are designed to have your back, protect you and your family. A sampling of the government’s metaphorical armor are: the Dept of Health and Human Serv; which include, Centers for Disease Control, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Serv., Healthcare Infection Control Practices, Food and Drug Admin, which test every morsel you shove in your mouth and, one of my favorites, National Institute of Health which endeavor in conducting and supporting medical research, can you say the Genome Project. Dept of Labor to include, Occupational Safety and Health Admin—keeping you presumably safe at work…and, the one that everyone loves to despise EPA, which regulates spewing toxins or clandestine laced products with agents that triggers uncontrollable cell growth, a mutative physiological response commonly refer to as cancer. I am confident you have read countless horror stories of unsuspecting citizens, neighbors, and family members exposed to the pernicious, carcinogenic elements of mercury, lead, asbestosis …etc, the list is a long one. Taking a tangential turn towards consumer protections, we have the Fed Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection bureau which ensure fair debt collection, fair credit reporting, full disclose in truth and lending and fair credit billing. The above is just a smattering of what our ‘deplorable Orwellian’ government does for you with your taxes, which some feel are extorted under the intimidation of a punitive fine or incarceration.

To reiterate my befuddlement of this deep seeded resentment of the government from the very citizens that would benefit the most from its infrastructure and support, they seem, oblivious to the fact that Corporate America, the multinationals, show no compunction or shame leaning on the crutch of capital, citizens’ money, in the form of subsidies; according to the International Monetary Fund the Fossil Fuel Industry were awarded $700 billion in spite of quarterly profits in the billions, this is from the big bad intrusive, dictatorial government—and, they, pay virtually no taxes because legal beagle mercenaries with sleight of hand employ sleuthing legalese of transfer pricing and profit shifting.

Let’s be clear of what part of the bicameral government is in your corner. I realize that I might be sending a mix morass message of simultaneously snuggling up and staving off the government; to which, in my earnest effort to be lucid and transparent, will hopefully be more forthright in an engaging Socratic format by imploring you to skeptically scrutinize what party is pro affordable education, health is a right not a privilege, marriage equality for all citizens, science is a fact and not dictated by the bottom line profit, labor collective bargaining for salaries and benefits [companies are not magnanimous] strong stewardess of the environment to include all its critters and an unfailing advocacy for diversity of women’s rights, civil rights regardless of skin pigment, religious inclinations and sexual orientation. I feel intimating the name of party of the people, would be, ever so redundant.

Knocking down a brew and rethinking long and hard about why my fellow truckers, rural and urban, who would engage the wrong organ; duodenal in lieu of a dura matter to decide the political persuasion that best insure their prosperity and health, still draws a blank. Maybe, a second beer will liberate lucidity—nope—I suspect, not even a case of beer would illuminate the rationale of gut thinking. Mind my prescience words, my fellow blue-collarian, elevated-riddin‘ truckers, the changin’ the Trumpster’ promised will be your frequently soiled skivvies engendered by the cra cra klepotcratic plutocrats, soon to be running our government. Imminently, you will appreciate the real applicability of the gastrointestinal system; ruling out philosophical pondering.